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Alfreda Beartrack Algeo, Ph.D.
Author & Artist

Alfreda Beartrack Algeo is an artist and author. She is an enrolled citizen of the Octet Sakowin, Kul Wicasa Band, Lower Brule, South DakotaAlfreda's artwork is represented in numerous private collections, museums, and galleries world-wide.  She also has written and illustrated the following children's books: The Day the Earth Rose Up, Father Eagle and the Hunter, The Cottonwood Sings, and a new book to be revealed soon. Her novels include The Legends of Big Heart: The Land Grab, The Legends of Big Heart: The Roan Stallion, and The Legends of Big Heart: The River Run. Alfreda has also illustrated How Oceans Came to Be, Arvis Boughman’s latest picture book.  

Alfreda is grateful that her book, The Day the Earth Rose Up was selected by the Wyoming Humanities Council to represent the state of Wyoming at the Library of the National Congress in 2023. Alfreda is also honored to be an in-house author for the 7th Generation Native Voices Book Publishing Company

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