Alfreda Beartrack Algeo (Freda) & David Algeo (Dave)

Freda and her husband, Dave moved to Palisade, Colorado in the summer of 2012.  From the very first glimpse of Mt. Garfield and the big blue house, they knew that they were home. Alfreda is an enrolled member of Kul Wicasa Oyate (Lower Brule Sioux Tribe) in Lower Brule, South Dakota.  Alfreda is an author, artist, and Native wellness coach, she owns and operates her gallery, Mato Nunpa LLC onsite.  Dave is semi-retired from 43-years in the gas-compression industry and stays busy with numerous  projects.  Both Alfreda and Dave enjoy relaxing in their backyard surrounded by the fruits of their labor and the camaraderie of family, friends, and visitors. 


3606 G 4/10 Rd
Palisade, CO 81526 - USA

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