Alfreda's Autobiography


Artist Profile

Alfreda is an enrolled member of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe (Kul Wicasa Oyate) in South Dakota. She grew up on the reservation surrounded by her Tiyóspaye (circle of relatives)  and Lakota culture.  

Although the core of her knowledge with day-to-day life stems from the teachings passed down to her from her parents, grandparents, and her Tiyóspaye, her greatest influence in art and life was from her late father Alfred Y. Ziegler. 

Alfreda worked along side of her father from an early age on numerous commissioned art projects and various aspects of foundry work. She learned first-hand oil painting and the  “lost wax method” an ancient bronzing technique.

Alfreda's accomplishments include: being a published writer, illustrator, painter (acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and oil), sculptor (bronze, wood, and stone), and entrepreneur.   Alfreda's list of accomplishments is represented in many global, national, and local outlets and each creative genre merits her unique style and passion.

Alfreda's educational pursuits reflect her dedication and evolution not only as an artist but as a Native American woman: Her achievements include a Bachelor Degree in Science from the University of New Mexico, and Master of Art from the University of South Dakota and a Doctor in Organizational Management with Dissertation from the University of Phoenix.

Alfreda states, "being an artist, writer, and business owner is a very fulfilling and beautiful experience for me, it is truly a vehicle to lift my soul to a higher level in my life's journey."

Alfreda's gallery is located at 3606 G 4/10 Road in Palisade, CO. Each and all are invited to stop by and meet the person behind the work and the words.

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