Mato Nunpa LLC

Mato Nunpa LLC

Mato Nunpa LLC, means “Two Bear” in Lakota. and is located at 3606 G 4/10 in Palisade, CO.


Mato Nunpa LLC is owned and operated by Alfreda Beartrack Algeo.

Mato Nunpa LLC offers healing earth plants and oils, books, original paintings, pottery/ceramics, mixed-media artwork, and Native wellness coaching and materials based on ancient Medicine Wheel teachings. 

Mato Nunpa LLC is open seasonal ( June through August) and by appointment.


Call (970) 464-2075 for more information.


The Eye in the Scenery

I ran in the sky.

Shooting stars are wrapped with the cotton of the clouds.

Thousands and thousands of lights.

In the scenery of my mind, they follow me as I run in the sky.

A darkness passes in my mind.

The natural sky disappears into red.

In the scenery of the sky,  the sun is sleeping in the universe.

The future calls the sun.

Round lights,  broken and scattered lights, the universe is deep within me.

`Mazaki Kiyonori