Mato Nunpa LLC

Alfreda Beartrack Algeo, Ph. D

Mato Nunpa LLC, means “Two Bear” in Lakota Sioux. Mato Nunpa LLC is a Native American owned and operated business located located at 3606 G 4/10 in Palisade, CO.  Mato Nunpa LLC consist of an array of earth-healing products: Organic lavender plants with 14-varieties, sacred sage plants with 2-varities, award-winning steam-distilled essential oils, and an onsite gallery/giftshop. Mato Nunpa LLC is open seasonal to the general-public or by special appointment.


"Much of life becomes background, but it is the realm of art that orchestrates beams of light into the shadows and makes life new again."

Alfreda Beartrack Algeo


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